Thursday, 4 February 2016

Writers need other writers

Writing – it’s a solitary job and while writers work alone for the most part, we’re not antisocial really. In fact, if anything, we’re fascinated by people and relationships and have a bevy of supporters from family and friends to those who get roped into reading early drafts. But as with any job, writing has its idiosyncrasies – when the characters won’t behave, when they keep secrets from the writer, when it just isn't flowing – and which another writer understands all too well.

So I was looking forward to catching up with my good writing pal
Melissa Morgan in beautiful Betws y Coed. 

Of course food and cake were involved as we talked shop and bounced ideas off each other. So I have come to the not-so-very startling conclusion that … drum-roll please … writers need other writers. And if we can visit somewhere stunning to catch up, it’s all good.

All smiles after cake!


  1. Long live cake! It was great to catch up, Sarah, and to chat about the woes of writing to someone who understands! And the photos make even a grey day look lovely. Looking forward to our next get together :) xx

  2. It was super to have the time for a good long chat. Who knows where we'll end up next time?! xx