Monday, 5 September 2016

Back to School

So, this morning was hectic. After a month and a half of mostly relaxed mornings, we were up and out of the door by 7.50am! Now the house is strangely quiet. I'm already wondering how my daughter's day is going, what homework she'll have and what books she'll be reading for English.

I was the kid who read with the torch under the blankets (no duvet back then!) and last night I found myself in the same situation - telling my daughter to put the book down, turn the light off and go to sleep - it was a school night after all. And her response? 'Only if you read it after I've finished it.'

And the book? Small Steps by Louis Sacher. Now I read Holes and recommended it to her so it seems fitting  that she should read Small Steps and recommend it to me. For me to have passed on my love of reading to my daughter makes me a very happy writer.

Writers read a lot of books and for all sorts of reasons. To refill that creative well, to escape from reality for a while, to learn from writers I admire, for relaxation and for the sheer joy of it. So I find I have my own homework! And it will be a joy.