Tuesday, 23 February 2016

The Beauty of the ARC

If the joy of reading allows us to live through the characters we read about and to experience what they do, would it be a stretch to suggest that writers are in the business of selling emotions? And as both a romance writer and romance reader, I am a bit of an emotion junkie.

So it was my pleasure to take the chance to preview an e-ARC of In the Boss's Castle by the very talented Jessica Gilmore which is due out at the beginning of May 2016 with Mills and Boon. Authors sometimes offer readers the chance to have sight of an ARC or Advance Reading Copy before the book has had the chance to go to the publisher for the final print in exchange for a honest review. But Jessica asked for nothing in return other than to read it.

And I loved it! Chock full of emotion, it was devoured!

Here is my review which I posted on Goodreads:-

Full of plans, Maddison grabs the chance of a job swop in London, leaving her life in New York behind in the hope that absence will make her ex-boyfriend’s heart grow fonder. But life has the habit of shifting and altering and soon Maddison isn’t as sure that what she thought she wanted is actually what she wants. Add in gorgeous Kit and I had the joy of watching two people discover who they really are and work out that they are meant to be together if only they will give themselves a chance.

The PA/Boss trope has been done a hundred times but this one’s different as Maddison’s job swop lends a temporary nature to their relationship. Add in the seamless flow of this author’s perceptive writing that is once again so full of emotion and I was happily ensconced in a book that not only took me to the beautiful heights of Scotland and the warmth of Cape Cod but also made me relive that falling in love feeling: the highs, the lows, the doubts, the excitement of meeting someone new.

A beautiful book and highly recommended.


  1. Lovely post, Sarah. It sounds a fab read and I'll look out for it when it hits the shelves xx

  2. Thanks, Melissa. I think what surprised me most was that the author didn't ask for anything other than that I read it. Not much free in life these days!