Saturday, 8 April 2017

A Week of Writing Differently

It’s amazing how a word or two can spark an idea or a change. Ask anyone and in particular a writer and the thoughts and inspiration that flow from the right word at the right time can be amazing. That right word or phrase can come from anywhere – an overheard conversation, a line or two in a book or paper, even the TV. For me, two weeks ago, I saw something on Twitter. It wasn’t a huge piece of writing advice or “how-to” but a quick snapshot of a writer working with her laptop from her car.

The idea swam around my head for a while as many seem to do before I gripped the nettle and had a go. But rather than being stung, I was surprised.

Monday saw me writing by the Menai Straits complete with hot chocolate. The view was amazing but the glare on the screen wasn’t great. Undeterred I was determined to try again the next day.

On Tuesday, I found a spot in the shade on the farm overlooking the rhubarb. It was a bigger success.

Wednesday saw me at my local library where despite a large group of children and parents singing nursery rhymes, I achieved a decent word count.

Thursday was a snatched moment meeting up with my friend and fellow writer Melissa Morgan in Llanrwst. No view but very productive!

To round off the week, on Friday I was in Menai Bridge.

I don’t know if I’ll ever be one of those writers who retreats to their favourite cafe with a large drink although the idea is eminently tempting. But what I have learned over my week of writing differently is that change can be good and that getting away from my desk (and my internet connection) can be far more productive                                                                           than I had imagined.

So I have to thank Laurie Benson for her post on Twitter. A few words sparked some good ideas and got me writing.