Wednesday, 25 May 2016


Time. We can all feel it passing but can't do a thing to stop it, halt it or turn it back. Should we make the most of it? Yes. Do we? Personally, no. There's always something to do first before I can afford to make the most of it.

I think there are certain moments in life that make us stop and pause. We've all heard the sayings 'live in the present' and 'it's called the present because it's a gift'. Then there's the whole concept of mindfulness. But unless it strikes a personal chord, it's unlikely to generate more than a passing nod of agreement.

I was catching up on friends' Facebook posts as they travel around Europe in a camper van with their two children. It's the stuff of dreams for many and they're keeping a record via their website, appropriately named Tin Can Family

I was struck dumb by Lottie's blog post What a canoe trip taught me about life  and her thought provoking and touching words. It's not everyday that someone tells you something that makes you sit up and notice what you've got, but when they do, it's worth paying attention. I don't want to think about how many times I've thought that once I reached a certain milestone, I'd be happy, successful or able to relax. 

So it was with a glad smile and a light step that I took a break from writing to meet up with my good friend, Melissa Morgan. There was lunch, yes, cake too, and time to sit in the sun for a good long chat. Time with friends is precious and as Jane Austen put it so well in her book, Persuasion:

… ‘that is not good company … that is the best.’