Thursday, 2 March 2017

The Generosity of Writers

We hear about the kindness of strangers but what about the generosity of writers?

I’d read An Unsuitable Duchess by Laurie Benson which is book one in a three book series about the lives and loves of three titled men in Regency London. All three books are stand alone. I loved An Unsuitable Duchess and eventually worked up to approaching The Unlaced Book Club on Facebook. Soon after I joined, they held a giveaway and I was lucky. I won an Amazon gift card courtesy of Laurie and a copy of her e-book An Uncommon Duke which is the second book in the series. To say I was chuffed to bits was an understatement. Unfortunately, no doubt due to my lack of digital know how, I couldn’t open the e-book.

Not content to leave me with just the voucher, she very generously sent me a pack of goodies including a signed copy of An Uncommon Duke all the way from the US. It arrived today and I’m on page 97 and hooked.

Thank you so much Laurie. It was so very kind and generous and I can’t wait for more of your books.

Her third book - An Unexpected Countess - is out in June and I've pre-ordered my copy.


  1. Hi Sarah, the generosity of writers and the camaraderie that exists even among people who've never met in person make me feel blessed that I live among them! Enjoy the books, they sound fab xx

  2. Thanks, Melissa. The friendship of writers, people who understand the trials and tribulations of the writing process, is something I treasure and has been one of those unexpected but amazing gifts of my journey so far.

  3. I've just found your amazing blog Sarah! I couldn't agree more, the generosity of the writer/reader community has truly been a gift on my journey too ❤️

  4. Hi Amy. Great to have you stop by. I've always found writers to be open with advice and encouraging in the pursuit of this soul-baring craft and I'm often blown away. X

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