Tuesday, 12 April 2016

A New Book

I love that excitement when I start a new book - the rush of possibilities, the chance to give names and back-stories to those voices in my head (does that sound weird?!) and the moment when I can create something new. But there's always the flip side to anything. The self-doubt that I'll be able to do it again, trying to remember how I managed to write a whole book last time and always wondering if the conflict between my characters will carry through to the end of the book.

So last week, I headed to beautiful Betws y Coed to meet up with writing pal Melissa Morgan to talk about heroes, character motivation and writing progress. There's nothing like a change of scene to spark a few ideas and the wild waters and quiet woodlands provided the perfect backdrop. 

And this week? I'm following the advice given to me by author and tutor Kate Walker: BOCHOK. Bum On Chair, Hands On Keyboard!


  1. Hi Sarah, really pleased to hear that you're excited about your new book. I can so sympathize with the doubts that are mixed in there too. I think all authors feel like that whenever they begin a new story. But the fact that we keep on doing it must mean the excitement and the need to tell our characters' stories is stronger than all those doubts. Maybe we even need an element of doubt sometimes in order to make us look at our work critically - but not too critically of course!! Looking forward to hearing more about it soon xx

  2. Hi Melissa. Am hoping I'll have concrete progress to share next time we catch up. But you're right. Without that element of doubt, we wouldn't make our work as good as it could be. Here's hoping! xx