Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Friends and Secrets

Last week I met up with friend and fellow writer Melissa Morgan in the beautiful village of Betws y Coed in Snowdonia.

Meeting up with Melissa is always a treat and, as ever, was never long enough. We covered some wide ranging topics but inevitably came back to writing so I was in good hands when I raised a dilemma I have with a character in my current work in progress.

Getting to know characters is a gradual process for both reader and writer. Like new acquaintances, it takes a certain amount of time and trust before secrets and private thoughts are revealed but it is essential that those inner feelings are revealed or how else can we understand and empathise with the characters and their situations?

The trouble begins when a character is keeping secrets and the only solution is to ‘dig deep’ into a character’s past and current predicament. Simply discussing it with a trusted and respected friend who doesn’t blink twice when I say that my current hero (does sound a bit flighty?!) is keeping secrets is a treat. Throw in lunch, some beautiful scenery and it made a perfect recipe for wonderful afternoon. Thanks, Melissa!


  1. Hi Sarah, thank YOU for listening to my writing dilemmas too! It's always a real treat meeting up with you and, as you say, with such delicious food and stunning scenery, who could possibly ask for more ?! xx

  2. Hi Melissa. Sounds like we should make it a regular thing - for writing purposes of course! xx