Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Away from reality - for a while!

Isn't that what writers do all the time, living in their own little world? Well, sometimes real life can get in the way. So I spent last weekend on a writers’ retreat in Leeds run by Malaga Workshops. Writing is of necessity a solitary occupation and the chance to meet with like-minded people who nodded in understanding was a tonic in itself.

The course tutor was the brilliant and generous Kate Walker. With 63 novels published to date, if she couldn't answer our questions, no-one could.

I met up with a group of six other writers at Weetwood Hall in Leeds where we had chance to really concentrate on our writing. Having submitted work to Kate beforehand, we each had a valuable one to one critique with her as well as group sessions where we raised questions and offered suggestions and solutions.

Dinner with the lovely and talented
Melissa Morgan.

But most of all we had the chance to write without the usual interruptions. And with Kate on call and available to discuss any other issues that arose during our writing the weekend was productive.


  1. Great post, Sarah, and lovely photos too, thanks for sharing them :) xx

  2. Hi Melissa. Thanks for stopping by. We had a great time. Chat, food, drink and of course writing. A recipe for a super weekend. xx